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Coronado Dental Associates 
Margaret Meadows, D.D.S
Melanie Villalobos, D.M.D
How much can be accomplished? Let's look at some examples of results.
Here, for example, is a reconstruction, one that recovers from a problem that couldn't be seen to for some years, or perhaps which the person didn't realize could be repaired so well.
The results you would like, the confidence of improving your smile...
When you notice the cheerfulness in our office, you can be sure it's because everyone enjoys how much we can improve both your health and your appearance, two things we all really care about in today's world.

It's a great team, but how are we so able to do so much, whether it's through a whitening, a cosmetic change, or a deeper dental reconstruction? It's because we have the advantages of the most modern techniques and equipment, right here in the office; and especially well trained staff to use them.
Dr. Margaret emphasizes the advantages of these new abilities, and invests consistently and with enthusiasm in the ongoing professional learning and latest arrays of equipment and materials which make it possible to take advantage of them.

One star of the show, besides the pain-free nature of modern anesthetics, is often the highly computerized Cerec, a precision manufacture-from-measurement system, which you can actually watch building your own attractive veneer or intricately, individually shaped crown -- and know it will fit exactly.

Another would be the advanced dental resin composites, which can be carefully sculpted and then instantly hardened, to form fillings and shapes that make strong, natural feeling and appearing repairs, in all ways matched to your teeth, including their color.

All of these capabilities mean that your own individual needs can be wisely and effectively attended to, whether as a growing younger person, an elder who'd like better to show her smile, or anyone else in the times and places we all may find in our lives.
Original, damaged and discolored
Repaired, clear and bright
For someone of any age, not just the young, the benefits of wearing your own individualized and invisible aligner for a few months can be very evident.
Clear Braces, before
Clear Braces, after

As we live, it's natural that teeth wear, or may be damaged by illness, but in today's maturity, we can match our smile to the way we always like to look and feel.
Erosion Repair, before
Erosion Repair, after

These days, most often we can often enjoy great health, and it can be very nice to let our teeth catch up and show this, via a cleaning or whitening.
Zoom Whitening, before
Zoom Whitening, after

And, there are so many more nice improvements and repairs that can be made, including the more challenging ones that we may not realize can be done.

You can look at the Gallery page for a good range of further samples, but mainly we are hoping you'll call and give Dr. Meadows the chance to understand, so she can work out the best for your needs.