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Margaret Meadows, D.D.S
Meet Our Staff
The first thing you may notice about our staff is that it is composed of all females. We pride ourselves in treating each person as an individual, not just another patient. We first and foremost love our patients and secondly we treat their teeth. 
Since our office opened its doors in 1996, we’ve treated every patient like they were a part of our family. Other offices may offer similar services, but with our team, our services come with a personal touch.  

Our Debbie is off on sabbatical for the summer, visiting with family, so we've got an old friend back in!  

As you'll probably remember, Nicole was born and raised here on the island. After 6 years as a flight attendant with American Airlines, she decided it was time to pursue her dream of being a hygienist. Married to Navy, she found herself in Florida where she attended hygiene school. It seemed after each board exam she found herself moving! Once receiving her license in CA, her family packed up and moved to Belgium. Then with us in Coronado a while, she's had 3 years in Germany, back again now with her two boys, and has her part in many military functions.
Ana is our world traveler and speaks five languages. She started her dental career as a dental assistant in Beverly Hills and at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Ana continued onto hygiene school at Southwestern after realizing her affinity for the dental field. After graduation she did a working interview with our office and instantly fit in. Currently she works part time so she can raise her three daughters and work on creative art projects. If she happens to be your hygienist, ask her about her life story, it is fascinating!
Nicole Wing, R.D.H.
Ana, R.D.H
Veronica has been an assistant (and gardener!) for over 14 years. If you do an in-office whitening procedure she will probably be the one working with you. She loves working in every part of the dental field, ranging from chair side assisting to lab work (ie working on clear aligners). Outside of work you can find her spending time with her four boys or working in the garden. 
Veronica, D.A. 
 Hortensia is a hard worker who is always on the go. She raised her two girls while going to school and working. She has been a dental assistant for over 11 years. Hortensia especially enjoys working on anything having to do with the lab side of things, such as Clear Aligner Therapy. If you’re a little nervous when you come into our office she will put you at ease by holding your hand and using her kind calming words. Currently she is a proud mother of a college graduate and a United States Marine. With an empty nest she hopes to travel abroad to Italy with her husband someday soon.  
Pauline, R. D.A.
Pauline is one of our youngest assistants. She was born in San Diego. She has been working in our office over 9 years. When she is not at work, you can find her attending school where she is majoring in Biology/Anthropology. She is a great youthful spirit to have around.
Jessica is another one of our locally raised staff members. She graduated from Coronado High School in 2005 and attended SDSU. Jessica came to our office in 2008 where she started as an assistant. After learning the ropes in the back she moved to the front desk. With experience in both front and back office you never know just where she will pop up. We like to refer to her as our “jack of all trades” and our tech guru. If we have an issue she is usually there to help fix it. Recently she has gone back to school to further her dental career. On the weekends you can find her trackside at a NASCAR race or playing with her 2 dogs. 
Denise will most likely be one of the first voices you hear when you call our office, as well as one of the first faces when you walk in. She has worked in the dental field for over 20 years and with us for over 15 years. On weekends she is either playing with her four legged children (Pugs). 
Hortensia, R. D.A.
Jessica, R.D.A./Front Office
Denise, Front Office
Alex, R D.H.
Meet the newest team member Alex who has been a hygienist for over 20 years. She attended Pensacola State for her hygiene education. Being a military spouse she was able to practice in multiple states (WA, TX, and FL) before settling in California. When Alex is not at work she loves spending time with her three kids, two cats, and husband. She is an avid traveler here and abroad. You will probably see her walking around town or at the High School where she is involved with her kids sport teams.